Calhoun Sandie Softball Playoffs – Fighting for the Area Title

5 05 2008

Sandies played a great game on Friday night. Cecilia pitched a shut out and Brittini played like a million bucks. One of the best games I have ever seen her play. I am so proud of her.

We went back Saturday and lost game 2 with the final score 0-1 Lady Brahmas. Game 3 went into double overtime with Constance (Brahmas Pitcher) hitting a homerun in the second inning. Taking the score to 0-1 Brahmas. Off to the ninth inning our first baseman should have held on to the ball for the third out to take us into the tenth inning and another chance for the title. First baseman dropped the ball and the next batter for the Brahmas hit a line drive to centerfield bringing in the winning run. Final score 1-2 Lady Brahmas.

This was a great season filled with memories that left our girls with their head held high!

Way to go Sandies!!

That day I focussed only on my daughter and here are just a few from Saturday.





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28 07 2008

Love the sepia shot. Nice image.

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